Everybody knows what looks good.
Everybody knows what works.
Everybody knows what sells.
Everybody knows what.
Everybody knows.

Don’t be everybody.
Being everybody is being nobody.
Sure. It seems safe.
Just doing what everybody else is doing.
You’re right. It can feel pretty comfortable.
Until it’s not.
Until you’re stuck.
And it’s too late to change. To escape.
Too late to be the real you.
Everybody knows that sucks.

So come on.
Don’t be everybody.
You can do better.
Be bolder. Be more you.
Aim higher.

Let us lift you up,
to unthinkable heights.
We don’t do that for everybody.
It’s not for everybody.
But we can do it for you.
Come on.
Leave everybody behind.

We dare you.
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