Zware Jongens is a concept agency driven by the desire to change the rules. We dream big for our clients and ourselves; conceiving ideas that are fundamental, simple, different and human.

We are independent in every sense of the word. Redefining what brands are capable of. Helping ambitious clients to get it right, we tackle big challenges in nimble ways.

Our work spans six areas: branding and identity, architecture and interiors, products and packaging, experiences, digital, advertising and communications.

We believe in the value of creativity. Consequently, we develop new ventures and products. Besides our own projects, we attend to a diverse group of companies within our client family. Brands big and small; from New York to Bree, Milan to Dubai and Zurich to Brussels. In the categories of hospitality, fashion, technology, sustainability, healthcare, design and media.

Zware Jongens are proud to work with like-minded clients. To ensure our relationships are prosperous and long-lived, we operate with clients on an invitation-only structure.

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